Hello! My Name is…

Caution! This blog is a work in progress. So no judgement.

Somehow you got here. Thanks for visiting. My name is Sara and I live in Northern California with my husband and dog Moses.


This is a personal happiness blog inspired by Gretchin Rubin’s The Happiness Project, and my way of sharing my journey and quest for a more balanced life. During college and my mid-twenties, I owned a Gary Fisher Mountain bike, and the stem cap was covered with this plate. Thinking about it now, in hindsight, the bike was stolen during my last summer before I finished graduate school, and this marked the beginning of a new stage in my early adulthood: studio apartment, first professional job, and living in the Nation’s Capital.

gary fisher stem cap

During this period, I struggled to strike a balanced life, and often put work first. Above my dog and relationship and being social. I had trouble turning work off. Is there a pill for this yet? Now I’m on the West Coast and still do. After reading the Happiness Project, I really wanted to change things.

The blog, like me, is a little eclectic. It’s a collage of a little bit of everything, but the continuous thread is the uplifting, joyful, funny, healthy, social and spiritual activities I’m after and insights I have for fulfilling a more balanced, happy life. Carpe Diem!


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