Basketball Meditation

I asked my father what motivates him in life. He did not have a direct answer over the phone, but I did find one answer tonight in basketball, game 5 of the NBA finals.

“A thousand years from now, no one will care who the greatest basketball player of all time was. Who was the greatest chariot racer in Roman history? The best Mayan to ever play pitz? All any of us can do is find some meaning in our striving, some goal to get us out of bed every morning and go to work. LeBron James has the Warriors. One must imagine him happy,” Jonathan Tjarks stated profoundly on

James Lebron averaged a triple double in the finals. The four time MVP has three championship rings, and he is arguably the best player in the league’s history.

I have written about James before, so how many times makes it a cliché to find inspiration from this sports god? The Dubs celebrate their second NBA championship in three years and Tjarks says the rising Warrior’s dynasty may be the best thing to happen to Lebron. The comment could not have summed up my introspection any better.

The mid thirties are approaching and I still equate myself to being a child. I am self sufficient, have a decent job, and have not over drafted my bank account in several years! But I feel stagnation. Cracking this thing called life and finding the gold nugget inside continues to elude me. That is why I admire Lebron. He has this complete drive to excel in basketball in addition to helping his friends and serving his family.

I was touched by Lebron’s sportsmanship and post game hug to Kevin Durant. KD’s mom, Wanda, astutely commented that who you are in the valley of life is reflective of your true self. She was referring to Durant’s adversity in his decade played in the NBA, so relevant here when the tables are turned.

It is not productive to list all of Lebron’s accomplishments. I recognize his work ethic as my inspiration. Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, writes that passion is the result of doing. So when it is easy to feel depressed about not knowing what to do with life, scroll pinterest, and nap for several hours or binge on Breaking Bad, I remind myself to get up, grab the ball, and start shooting for that goal.


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